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WFH Stress

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Work from Home  has its own pros and cons. In the initial days WFH was considered as a welcome move but over the time it has been realized that WFH disturbs the personal and professional life balance. With WFH professional life enters into our personal lives and There is no management of time. 

Following are some of side affects of WFH :-

  1. Employees feel fatigued, isolated and depressed.
  2. Employees burn out as they struggle with a heavy workload.
  3. They are not able to vent out their frustration with their family members. 
  4. All these increase the tensions and stress among the employees.

Avail the Package of Rejuvenation which is worth of Rs. 5300/- in Rs 4599/-

Package includes - 5 Days Package 

  • Shirodhara x 1
  • Abhyangam x 1
  • Potli on Back x 3 

Data sheet

Shirodhara x 1 Abhyangam x 1 Potli on Back x 3

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