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Kati Vasthi (For Back Pain)


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It  is a very effective Panchkarma Therapy for lower backache. This therapy is useful for curing following ailments :-

  1. Lumber Spondylitis
  2. Back stiffness
  3. Sciatic nerve compression
  4. Spinal disorder
  5. Lower back Pain

Kati Vasthi involves retention of warm oil over the lower back  for certain period of time. This oil penetrates slowly deeper into the tissues & softens the stiffness of muscles. After removing oil well, Massage is given on that painful area and this increase blood circulation. Sometimes, localized steam is also given on the affected area.

Listen to Patient Video how he was cured in few session and his surgery was avoidedPress Here


Reviews from Patients 

"Very Good and Experienced Doctor. Good services... I strongly recommend this place for the Treatment of lower back ache, acidity, migraine, etc....."  .. Jitender

"Nice treatment for back pain got relief from the chronic pain with Kati bast in 1 month great commitment by doctor" ... Deepak 

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Price Per Session Only
30 Minutes

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