Almond Oil (edible, skin/hair)

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Almond Oil is 100% pure almond oil made from gurbandi almonds by using cold press method.

Usage Procedure :

  • Add 1 Table Spoon of oil in glass of hot milk.
  • Stir it well and drink the milk.
  • One may also apply almond oil directly on skin or hair as it nourish them.

Benefits of Almond Oil:

  • Rich source of vitamin E
  • Brings back the Radiance of skin
  • Tonic for brain , good for the students
  • Apply on the scalp for nourishment of brain.

100% pure almond oil made from gurbandi almonds.

The oil is made by using a hydraulic press method instead of using centrifugal based extraction. The metal blades of the centrifugal machine spin so quickly, they generate heat. This heat ends up breaking down the important enzymes in the nuts. But all our nut oil is prepared using cold pressing and thus maintains all the nutrients.

Product is non returnable. If you have any query or complaint regarding the quality of the product you can write to us on [email protected] or reach us at +911244031467

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Net Weight
60 ml

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