Netra Tarpan in Ayurveda
  • Netra Tarpan in Ayurveda
  • Dry Eyes due to long sitting on Computer
  • Netra Tarpan Ayurveda treatment for eyes

Netra Tarpan(For Eyes)


(₹870.00 Per Session for both eyes)

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Netra Tarpan is Panchkarma Therapy for the Eyes, this therapy is useful in nourishing the eyes. Following are the benefits of Netra Tarpan:-

  1. Relieves eye fatigue by improving blood circulation in capillaries of eyes.
  2. Improves the focusing of Eyes like zoom-in & zoom-out.
  3. Relieves the eye inflammation for heavy users of Laptops.
  4. Strengthens the muscles of eyes.
  5. Treats Computerized Vision Syndrome

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In this Panchkarma procedure, paste of black gram is prepared and  a well is made around the eyes. Medicated ghee or oil is poured into this well. and retained for certain period of time.

This procedure is useful both in healthy  as well as diseased person. It protects the eyes from degeneration due to ageing process.

"Due to online studies, my son had developed problem of 1 ) Redness in Eyes 2) Dryness 3) Back Pain 4) Obesity .. All this was developing due to online and constant sitting. We visited Ayulife and started treatment under Dr Shallu, She is quite thorough with the Panchkarma Therapies and recommended us few therapies like Netra Tarpan for Eyes, Kati Basti for Back Pain, Change in Life style like Food Habits, Exercises . Within 2 weeks of treatment my son has improved a lot. " Patient Reviews on Google

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Data sheet

Oil Well around Neck and Medicated Oil
30 Minutes

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