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Muscle Pull

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Muscle Pull, Muscle Strain or Muscle Spasm is tearing of Muscle which happens due to Over-stretching, Over-Exercise or Stressful Sports.  The most common Muscle Pulls happens in hamstring muscle,  lower back or Neck.

There are other associated injuries like Ligament Stress in knee joints due to Sports Activities, typical problem of ACL, PCL etc.

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At Ayulife Following is line of treatment

  1. Oil massage, or Snehana: Massage reduces pain because it t reduces muscle stiffness, mobilizes toxins, and relaxes the body and tames Vata.
  2. Shodhan/Panchkarma Treatments : Pichu, Potli Massage, Basti etc. are performed om the patient to increase the blood circulation and balance the Pita Dosha 
  3. Shaman Chikitsa : herbal medication to strengthen the bones and joints

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