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Migraine is called Shirashool in Ayurveda. Its type of severe headache which happens on either side of head like Lift right or front. Person feels Nausea and strong Irritation to Artificial or Natural Sun Light. Does not like to speak to anybody.

Its not a independent disease but symptom of various disorders Like 

  1. Sinusitis
  2. Cervical
  3. Acidity
  4. Gastric

At Ayulife we have treated many patients suffering of Migraine, To know more about therapy pls book the appointment.



Migraine treatment depends upon the the type of imbalanced Tridoshas i.e. Vata , Pitta , Kapha. 

  1. Shaman Kirya:  Herbal medicines given according to Imbalanced Dosha.
  2. Shodhan Kirya : Panchkarma Purification Procedures like Nasyam, Shirodhara, Shirovasthi, ShiroPichu
  3. Nidaan Parivarjan – Dietary Recommendations

Typically for various types of Migraines following therapy is recommended in Ayurveda:

  1. Vata Migraine – Basti/Enema , Shirodhara
  2. Pitta – Virechan , Shirodhara
  3. Kapha – Vamana  

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