Garbh Dharan Sanskar

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If you are planning to Conceive or already having Pregnancy -  "Garbh Dharan Sanskar" - Prepares you and your body to bear healthy child.

At Ayulife, we  guide you based on Ancient knowledge of Ayurveda Panchkarma to prepare your body to bear healthy baby. Preparing to become a parent, the parenthood starts well before you find out that you’re actually pregnant

.In case you follow our coaching on the Conception and therapy procedures that prepare your body then You’ll have a smoother transition to motherhood and divine experience of being motherhood.


Here’s list of all the procedures that we offer as part of "Garbh Dharan Sanskar"   a look at what we do :-

  1. Detoxification of your body.
  2. Uttra Basti - Prepares your womb
  3. Other Procedures on need basis.

The procedures can be adapted both my male and female and it helps to have better results than just adapting on females.

As land preparation is needed for good crop produce , similarly before Conception prepare your body

Data sheet

Consists of Various procedures like Detox, Uttra Basti , Charges are only for Consultation

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