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Infertility - Childless Couple

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Lot of cases of infertility have been treated who have been diagnosed with following problems 

  1. Very Low AMH
  2. Low Sperm Count
  3. Week Falopian Tubes
  4. Ectopic Pregnancy

Patient reviews:-

Patient A -  "After History of 2 Ectopic Pregnancies, modern Science Doctors advised me not to conceive naturally but try Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), But after treatment at Ayulife, concieved naturally and now baby in my lap." 

Patient B - Diagnosed with “Very Low” AMH (0.37) & Tried all procedures like IUI, OI, IVF and hormone stimulated IVF in last 4 years. But no success. Finally,  Gave up the hope of motherhood until they tried Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatment at Ayulife. Now they are happy couple with 2-month-old baby.  .



As per Ayurveda, Infertility is mainly caused due to imbalance in Vata & Pita Doshas and which may further result in Genito–Urinary disorders. Eggs travel from the ovaries to the uterus via falopian tubes and the blockage in falopian tubes are mostly responsible for the infertility in the women. 

At Ayulife we treat this blockage in falopian tubes by Uttra Basti and women  usually concieve within few weeks of treatment. UttraBasti in females is performed Intra-Uterine.

To treat this,  Uttar Basti, Panchkarma therapy is performed on both male and female by Senior Doctors. 

About Uttra Basti :

Its quite precision treatment as medicine is instilled through Uterus in females and via penis in males. All aseptic precautions are followed and performed by Experienced doctor themselves.

Please note treatments for males are performed by male doctor and for females by female doctor.

Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatments to Infertility “Very Low” AMH at Ayulife

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