• Amla Powder and its benefits in Ayurveda

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Powder

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Amla (Indian gooseberry) is powerful source of nutrients. It is an exceptional balance of Sweet, Sour, Pungent and Bitter flavors and increases the immunity of Body..

  1. It contains a wide range of tannins, alkaloids, and phenolic compounds, all with the ability to quench a wide range of reactive oxygen species
  2. Amla Powder has tannins that protect hair from excessive Heat and Light of Sun and protect from damaging, Can be used with as Hair conditioner
  3. Amla has lot of Fiber content which Improves Digestion
  4. Antacid and Anti-Inflammatory
  5. Rich Source of Iron & Vit-C
  6. Amla an unparalleled Antioxidant when consumed regularly, Skin Glow increases naturally as it contains a wide range of tannins, alkaloids etc.

Directions to Use

  • Consume 1 Teaspoon (2-3 GM) with warm water or honey.
  • Can be applied as Hair Pack by mixing with curd.


100% Amla in Powder form.


This product does not claim to treat any disease.


Best before 24 months from Packaging.

Data sheet

Amla Herbal Grinded Powder
2 years Expiry
1 spoon
Net Weight
85 GM

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