Hair Fall - Baldness
  • Hair Fall - Baldness

Hair-Loss (Baldness)

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Hair Fall or Baldness is generic problem now-a-days and is most commonly associated with the Tensions in our daily life and some times due to Hereditary.

Ayurveda offers couple of methods to treat the problem of hair fall which include Head massage, Shirodhara etc 

Since its quite common problem so understanding that problem we have developed our Hair Oil which if applied in proper duration can bring very effective results and removes baldness.

Oil Names - Hair Sof Oil - Ayulife is available widely online or on Amazon or all stores of Ayulife.  


Ayulife's Product hair Sof Oil can be easily purchased at any of the online platforms like Amazon, Retail Stores. Prices Nominally at 90 Rs for 60ml. with easy to use bottle.No Spilling.

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