A confined pocket of pus that collects in tissues, organs or spaces inside the body is called Vidradhi. The abscess could be cause of imbalance in any of Tridoshas .

An abscess is a suppurative inflammation where the pus is formed in the tissue cavity. The place is swollen, redden, warm and painful. It may also cause fever in certain cases. Abscess may occur anywhere on the body – on the back, chest, abdomen, groin, etc.

There are also internal abscesses that affect the organs – liver and lung, dental etc., and the suppurative inflammation can also develop between organs. In general abscesses are associated with metabolic disturbances and decreased immunity.

Ayurveda treatment:

Wound of abcess is cleaned and pus is drained with Triphala Kashaya and Jatyadi Ghruta is applied.  Internal medication Gandhaka Rasayana, Amruthadi Guggulu, and Triphala Guggulu can be very useful in treating pilonidal abscess.

Sadyo Vamana is a type of purificatory measure mentioned in Ayurveda, which to expel the pus and morbid factors present in a dental abscess without opening it .The patient was given Sadyo Vamana (instant therapeutic emesis) to expel the accumulated pus in dental abscess without opening it.

Along with it, the respective correction of two doshas – the fiery Pitta and the water Kapha is also done by Aurveda doctors.

  1. Vata Vidradhi–   Black In Colour Severe Painful , Swelling Different Type,  Pus Liquefied.
  2. Pitta Vidradhi–  Reddish In Colour,  Burning Sensation, Pus Yellowish-Red,
  3. Kapha vidradhi–  White Yellow In Colour,  Cold In Touch,Less Painful, Matted Nodes, Pus White