In this condition white patches appear on the skin. These white patches are the result of the partial or complete loss of the skin pigmentation. Leucoderma turns out to be a rare condition.

Leucoderma is a chronic skin disorder, which is also referred to as vitiligo. Our skin gets the color from a Pigment called Melanin. If the cells, which make melanin, are unhealthy, they will affect melanin production.

Too much melanin makes skin dark and less makes it light. 

In the medical condition, the skin loses its normal colour. The term leucoderma means white (leuco) skin (derma). As the same suggest, the condition is characterised by white patches on the skin because of loss of melanin (the pigment responsible for the colour of skin, hair and eyes.

Treatment in Ayurveda for Leucoderma:

Right combination of herbs  arogya vardhini, trivanga bhasma, mahamanjishthadi qadha , khadirarishta, krumimudgar rasa, saarivasav, and rasa manikya are given to patient.

BavachiIt is the most commonly used herb for leucoderma. It is applied onto the skin in the form of a paste and the affected skin parts are exposed to mild sunlight for a few minutes. Sometimes, recommended in form of powder or tablets.