Ayurveda classifies constipation as a vatic disorder, because vata governs elimination. Therefore, anything that aggravates this dosha—stress, tension, travel, dehydration, cold wind, exhaustion, or dry, cold, rough foods—can make your constipation worse


Ayurveda Remedies to Constipation :

Ayurveda recommends certain remedies to relieve constipation and help make the bowel movement smooth and uninterrupted.

We’re all taught that fiber-rich foods or Excessive water intake will ameliorate the condition. So we start eating salads etc  But please note raw vegetables are cold and rough and this unbalance vata. So raw carrots and broccoli etc won’t work.

In fact Constipation responds to warm, moist, moderately oily, protein-rich foods, soups, stews should help solve the problem. Many of my clients have actually seen symptoms improve once they change their diet.

Ayurveda herbs like Triphla  can help flush out the colon and large intestine. Triphala is both a tonic and a laxative. Classically, Triphala is taken upon rising and just before bed. . Take these purgatives with hot water to lubricate the bowels and help the passage of dry stool.

In case oral medicines do not significantly improve the condition then Enema/ Basti Therapy can be given with various types of decoctions.

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