Kati Vasthi or Kati Basti  is a Panchakarma therapy and  is a very effective treatment for lower Backache. 

Benefits of Kati Basti Therapy as per Ayurveda 

Kati Vasthi treats the pains for following problems :

  1. Lumber Spondylitis
  2. Disc prolapse
  3. Stiffness in back.
  4. Sciatic nerve compression.

Procedure of Kati Vasthi:

Following Ayurveda procedure is adapted in Ayulife to treat the patients with Kati Basti Therapy

  1. The patient is asked to lie face down on the bed. 
  2. Medicated oil is rubbed around the painful area.
  3. Then, an oil reservoir is made of black gram dough.
  4. Ensure warm oil does not leak on the body.
  5. Slowly Lukewarm medicinal oil is poured into it.
  6. When this cools down it is replaced again with warm oil.
  7. It is retained there for a particular period of time.
  8. This is repeated couple of times during the whole procedure.
  9. At  the end of the procedure the dough is removed.
  10.  A gentle massage is given over the area. The person is made to take rest for a while.

Refer this video to know more about Kati Vasthi Procedure


Benefits of Kati Vasthi:

Alleviates lower back conditions like Lumber Spondylosis, Disc prolapses, Low back ache and Sciatica.

  1. Alleviates numbness due to Sciatic nerve compression.
  2. Strengthens muscles of the back.
  3. Increases the circulation in the region
  4. Highly effective in inflammatory conditions.
  5. Strengthens the joints, muscles and soft tissues around Painful area.
  6. Enables to go back to work and  daily activities.

Kati Vasthi can be taken as a preventive treatment also. It helps avoid problems related to back and keeps your spine healthy. As medicated oil gets deeply absorbed into the skin it both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves. This is the one of the best treatment for healthy bone, muscle, vertebrae, spine, and nerves of lower back.