Shiro means Head and Lepam means applying the herbal paste. Shirolepam is an Ayurveda  treatment process in which herbal paste is applied over the scalp, and retained for 45- 60 minutes.  It is quite effective in following problems :-

  1. Neurological Problems
  2. Psychic disorders
  3. Insomnia
  4. Skin disorders,
  5. Premature Graying
  6. Hair-fall.

The paste mixture preparation varies from person to person depending upon the type of problem and the season.

How Shirolepam Cures ?

Hair originates from the bones. For thick, strong, glossy hair, the rootsShirovasthi must be firm and scalp is the root of these hair. So the scalp must be healthy and well nourished. Shirolepam helps in maintaining healthy scalp.

Procedure of Shirolepam :

Shirolepam is prepared by mixing following items in particular ratio , Bhringraj, Amla, Neem , Hibiscus , Coconut etc.

First of all, massage is done on head and face. Then herbal paste is applied to the scalp.

Benefits of Shirolepam:

  1. Promotes nerve stimulation.
  2. Relieves stress and anxiety.
  3. Cures dandruff, hairfall
  4. Premature graying of hair and hair loss.
  5. Effective in hypertension management.
  6. Effective in migraine headache.