Netra Tarpan is Ayurveda treatment process which improves the vision of eyes and helps in curing many eye problems in natural way.

This Panchkarma procedure nourishes  the eyes. In this frame of black gram paste is made around the eyes, followed by pouring the medicated ghee upon the eyes. This procedure is useful both in healthy  as well as diseased person. It protects the eyes from degeneration due to ageing process in healthy person and clear the various eyes disorders in diseased persons. 

How Netra Trapan works for eyes?

  1. Netra Tarpan or "hot oil bath" of eyes improve blood flow circulation in the eye capillary, and relives the eye fatigue.
  2. improves quality of preserving the zoom-in and zoom-out refocus of the eye ciliiary muscle.
  3. Relieves the eye inflammation for heavy users of Laptops.

Method of Netra Trapan:

  1. In this treatment two containers (Made of dough of urdh)  are made around the eyes .
  2. Oil is filled in these containers. Eyes are kept dipped in the pool of oil.
  3. As a result, It refresh the optical nerves and remove wrinkles around the eyes.


  1. Dryness , Watering of the eyes
  2. Blurred vision
  3. Difficulty in opening and closing the eyes
  4. Itching in the eyes
  5. Falling of the eye lashes
  6. Conjunctivitis, Glaucoma
  7. Stiffness of the eyes
  8. Painful , Swollen  eyes
  9. Darkness in front of the eyes
  10. Opacity in the cornea
  11. Fifth cranial nerve atrophy/ disorder