In Ayurveda Panchkarma, Basti is considered as the mother of all treatments and is one of the important procedure in removing toxins from body. Its part of Shodhan Chikitsa or Panchkarma. and used in following problems :-

  1. Arthritis
  2. Cervical
  3. Detoxification
  4. Constipation

Procedure of Basti 

Basti cleanses accumulated toxins  in the intestine.Basti Enema

  1. The term ‘Basti’ literally means bag or bladder. 
  2. This procedure is performed in the rectum column by inserting specified decoction.
  3. Special decoction is prepared based on the type of problem.
  4. It involves instilling liquids like medicated oils, herbal decoctions and milk through the perineum
  5. It refers to injecting of a fluid into the rectum to cause a bowel movement.

Therapeutic Properties of Basti :

As per the sholkas :- 
  1. बस्तिवयः तथापस्यत्सवा सखु ायुबिलास्ननमेधातवरवणिकृ्च । सवािथकारी स्शशुवृद्धयूनां स्नरत्सययः सविगर्दापहश्च ॥
  2. स्वट्टश्लेष्मस्पत्तास्नलमूत्रकषी र्दाढयािवहः शुक्रबलप्रर्दश्च । स्वश्वस्क्तथिं र्दोषचयं स्नरतय सवािन्स्वकारान्शमयेस्न्नरूहः ॥ 
or the sholkas on basti can be read in English as 
  1. Bastivaya: sthayatva sukhayurbalagnimedhasvarvarnakricha |
  2. Sarvathkari shishuvruddhayun nirtayah sarvagadapaashcha. || 
  3. 'Vittasleshampittanilmutrakarshi dadharyavah: Shukrabalapradashcha | 
  4. Vishwakasthim doshachayam nirsya sarvan vikaran shmayenniruh  ||
Basti Treatments are supposed to stabilize the air.  Gives happiness, age, strength, fire, intelligence, tone and color.  Basti proves all works.  It is beneficial for the child, the young and the old.  There is no nuisance by its consumption and all kinds of diseases are destroyed by it.  Niruhabasti purisha - phlegm - pitta - air and is supposed to expel urine.  Creates firmness in the body.  Increases strength and Dhatu in the body.  Basti destroys the group of disorders by taking out the accumulated doshas located throughout the body.

Types of Basti

  1. Sneha or Anuvasna Basti -- Enema with medicinal oils 
  2. Kashaya or Nirhua  Basti --  Enema with decoctions  of various herbs .

In Sneha or Anuvasna Basti Oil is inserted into the body . This therapy is used to cure for Vata Related disorders.

In Kashya Basti or Nirhua Basti  its made of decoctions of medicine and used for stomach related problems.

Anuvasna basti is contains only Sneha Liquid and is usually given during day time in sheeta kala and vasanta ritu. 

Niruha basti is popularly known as asthapana basti,  contains mix of  Kashaya/Decoction and Oil. It promotes the health of individuals and gives strength to the dhatu of the diseased person

Learning Sessions or Videos on Basti  

Ayulife team has created few of the video sessions which explain the benefits of Ayurveda Basti and its usage to the patients. Why any healthy or diseased patient should do the the Basti procedure.

Benefits of Basti Panchkarma Procedure 

  1. Relieves Constipation, Bloating, Acidity
  2. Sexual disorders,
  3. Kidney Stones
  4. Backache, Sciatica and other joint pains.
  5. Vata disorders such as Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout,
  6. Muscle spasms and Headaches 

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