Vaman is part of Panchkarma Procedure.

Vaman is therapeutic vomiting or medicated emesis.   Vomiting is induced by giving oral drugs with a large quantity of liquids. It cleanses toxins collected in the body and clears the respiratory system. Kapha toxins accumulated in the respiratory tract are removed by Vamana.  Once the mucus is released, the patient will feel instantly relieved. This treatment is very effective for the lungs  related problems like bronchitis, colds, cough or asthma.

 Vaman - Panchkarma

This procedure releases toxins  that are held in the Kapha areas of   lungs and stomach along with the accumulated dosha, by  therapeutic vomiting.

After Vamana procedure  it is recommended to have resting, fasting, and not  to suppress any  natural urges i.e., urination, defecation, gas, sneezing, coughing.  

With Vamana  the person feels relaxation in the lungs and able to breathe freely,   lightness in the chest and  all symptoms of congestion disappear.

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