What is Detoxification in Ayurveda ?

In Ayurveda, Detoxification means cleansing the body from "inside" by eliminating toxins. Detoxification by Panchkarma and Ayurveda increases immunity of Individuals and keep them healthy. 

Toxins are present everywhere around us, like

  1. Air we breathe.
  2. Water we drink.
  3. Food we eat.
  4. Within Body.

Our smartphone or laptop are most toxic as these are filed with filth always and used in toilets also and eve while taking lunch or dinner. 

Everyday toxins get accumulated in our body and circulate through blood in our system and get circulated to all parts of body.

Various Type of Toxins as Per Ayurveda 

A detox program can boost body’s natural detoxification process. There are three different types of toxins that can impact the physiology:

  1. Ama
  2. Amavisha
  3. Garvisha.

Ama is caused due to incomplete digestion. It is formed in the digestive tract when the food is not digested properly. Ama is usually caused by eating junk food or unhealthy food or due to wrong food habits.

Usually Ama aggregates due to weakening of Agni, the digestive fire. When Ama aggravates it converts to AmaVisha which is more dangerous.

Garvisha is the other type of toxin which settles in the body due to outside environmental factors. 

Panchkarma Procedures - for Detoxification

At Ayulife we use various types of Panchkarma Procedures to eliminates the toxins from Body 

  1. Basti / Enema - Cleanse the toxins from Kidneys
  2. Raktamokshan/ Leech Therapy - Cleanse the toxins from the Blood or Purify the blood. 
  3. Nasyam/ Nasal Therapy - Cleans the toxins from respiratory Tracks.
  4. Virechan - Emesis.

 So its better to take doctor consultations at Ayulife to choose the right detoxification program. 

Do I need to Detoxify ?

Just ask these questions to yourself and see if any of the answers are in yes

  1. Unexplained fatigue
  2. Sluggish elimination
  3. Irritated skin
  4. Allergies
  5. Low-grade infection
  6. Puffy eyes or bags under the eyes
  7. Bloating
  8. Menstrual problems
  9. Mental confusion