Cervical Pain ( In Ayurveda its called Griva Sandhigata Vata)  is characterized by pain in the neck & head region and following are the typical symptoms of the Cervical :

  1. Vertigo
  2. Numbness in hands.
  3. Headache
  4. Restricted movement of Neck
  5. Pain in Shoulders
  6. Stiffness in Upper back.

Causes of Cervical :

Following are two major reasons for the Cervical Pain :-

  1. Stiffness of neck Muscles
  2. Excessive Sitting on the Laptops/PCs.
  3. Wrong Postures in Office
  4. Slip Disk in Cervical Vertebrate

There is gel like liquid in between the spinal bones ‘ disks. These gelly material help in absorbing the shock of lifting , twisting and other activities. This removal of gel makes the spinal bones or vertebrates rub to gather.

Ayurveda Treatment to Cervical:

Following is line of Treatment

Shaman Chikitsa    : Herbal Medicines provided according to the cause.

Muscular stiffness  :  Reduce Muscularly Stiffness with Panchkarma therapies like  Snehan & Swedan.  Once the stiffness reduces, the blood circulation in the affected areas increases and it leads to increased mobility.

Alleviate the Pain   : To reduce the Pain following therapies are performed

  1. Podikizhi, Elakidhi
  2. Griva Basti
  3. Lepam Treatments.

These therapies help in alleviating the pain and strengthening the bones in the painful area.

Nidaan Parivarjan : Once the stiffness is in control , to maintain the pain free state ,” Nidaan Parivarjan” is followed where in patients are

  1. Requested to avoid the Pain causing effects like long hours on Computers, hard pillows etc.
  2. Encouraged to follow the regular Neck exercise and apply hot steamed towels on the affected portion.


Patient Reviews

Sanchit - from Google for Ayulife

There comes a time in everyone's life when your enthusiasm and energy dips. Energy dips and other symptoms may show up like gas, bloating, muscle stiffness, body pains, irregular sleep etc. This is the body asking for attention. If you don't fix it now then this manifests into disease.
I suffered belching and muscle stiffness for 12 months. No pantacids could fix it, appetite decreased, energy waned and I was on the verge of depression. Fortunately, I crossed paths with Ayurveda and 4 months later I'm in a position to give a positive feedback. This is India's historic knowledge of naturopathy for our well being. Apart from fixing my gas and lubricating my muscular system, they also lowered my BP from 145/90 to 110/70. My BP medicine has halved. They are also working on stimulating natural production of insulin in pancreas so that I could reduce sugar medication or maybe get off it someday.
I would highly recommend Dr Shallu Garg to anyone who is considering alternative medicine. Prevention is better than cure. May God bless you all.

Patient Reviews from Google for Ayulife 


I went to Ayulife in great pain. Before going there I had already met doctors and had got their opinions and advice. But I was not convinced. Dr Shallu Garg actually put her finger on the right diagnosis and treated my pains swiftly and effectively. Therefore, when something else troubled me, I went back to her and got prompt relief from my ailment. Ayulife is clean, hygienic, polite and professional in every manner. They are focused on providing lasting treatments. Thank you Dr. Shallu and Ayulife.