Arthritis is quite common now a days and commonly called joint pain. Its the most common problems now-a-days and mostly people suffer from this irrespective of their age. Modern medicine has limited treatment to this problem as comes with many side affects while Ayurveda way of treating the Arthritis is quite natural.

Arthritis is generic term and it can occur in any joint of body but most often develops in the knees, hands, hips, and spine, neck or lower back.Degenerative Arth

Symptoms of Arthritis:

  1. Swelling
  2. chronic pain
  3. Stiffness in joints
  4. Decreased range of motion.
  5. inability to walk or climb stairs.


Osteoarthritis is the most common Degenerative Arthritis. It happens when the cartilage or cushioning surface between the bones starts wearing away. As a result bones rub against each other which causes pain, swelling and stiffness.

The gradual wearing of cartilage cushioning results in loss of its elasticity. Without the elasticity, bones begin to rub against each other, causing stiffness, inflammation, and loss of movement.

Inflammatory Arthritis

Inflammatory arthritis is characterized by inflammation of the joints. This condition develops due to weakening of immune system. This means that body’s defense system starts attacking our own tissues instead of germs, viruses and other foreign substances. This causes pain, stiffness and damage to joints. They’re also known as autoimmune diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis is Arthritiesan example of inflammatory arthritis.

Gout Arthritis

Some people have high levels of uric acid because they naturally produce more than what is needed by the body. This extra Uric acid (Beyond limit) starts getting accumulated in the body and forms needle-like crystals in the joint. This results in sudden spikes of extreme joint pain, or a gout attack. Gout can come and go in episodes. If uric acid levels aren’t reduced, it can become chronic disease causing pain and disability.

Preventive and Curing Treatments

According to Ayurveda its called “Amavat”. Toxins gets deposited in the body especially at the joints. The line of treatment is based on curing the stiffness and increase the blood circulation in the joint then strengthening the muscles with Shamana ( Medicines) and Shodhan (Panchkarma Therapies) Chikitsa .

This Ama is developed over the time period due to “Mandaagni” i.e. poor digestion, at Ayulife, we stimulate the “Jathragni” (Digestive Fire) by giving “Deepana Paachana” supplements.

To reduce the formation of Ama , “Nidaan Parivarjan” (Dos and Don’ts) are most important e.g. avoid junk food, fried food, cold beverages etc. Cleaning of Stomach is other important procedure to clear the toxins. Panchkarma therapies like Swedan and Basti are recommended to clear the toxins.

Its important to mention that in the Modern Medicine world there is no treatment for Arthritis they only suppress the symptoms of Pain or Inflammation or in extreme conditions they recommend the surgery or joint replacement. By Ayurveda this can be avoided.

Refer our therapies like 

  1. Potli Massage
  2. Janu Basti
  3. Pichhu
  4. Abhyangam

Consult with Doctor for more information and booking the treatment.