Enema - Basti Therapy

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Basti cleanses accumulated toxins  in the intestine. This procedure is performed in the rectum column by inserting specified fluids and based on these fluids the Enema is divided into two categories :

  1. Sneha Basti -- Enema with medicinal oils 
  2. Kashaya Basti --  Enema with decoctions  of various herbs

The procedure is performed by experienced and qualified  Technicians in the guidance of Doctor. We control the quality of treatment and dosage to the best so that patients get maximum benefit. We do not use any readymade Enemas which are available in market. 

At Ayulife we prepare all decoctions afresh about 2 hours before the procedure to give maximum benefits to our patients.



Following are benefits of Enema or Basti therapy :

  1. Relives constipation
  2. Take out kidney stones,
  3. Balances Vata disorders such as Arthritis, Rheumatism,
  4.  Detoxifies the Body as removes the toxins via intestinal path

"I had developed pain in my knee joints and in neck during the 1st wave of Covid as work from home was quite stressful I started with online consultation with Dr. Shallu Garg and she recommended Panchkarma therapies and after few sessions of Pichu , Potli massage and Basti kiriya, I am out of that pain and feel rejuvenated its really nice and authentic Ayurveda clinic in Delhi NCR ; thanks Ayulife team; keep doing good " .. Google Reviews on Ayulife

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