Enema - Basti Therapy

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Basti cleanses accumulated toxins  in the intestine. This procedure is performed in the rectum column by inserting specified fluids. It involves instilling liquids like medicated oils, herbal decoctions and milk through the perineum. It refers to injecting of a fluid into the rectum to cause a bowel movement.

Considered as the mother of all treatments, Broadly of two types : 

  1. Sneha Basti -- Enema with medicinal oils 
  2. Kashaya Basti --  Enema with decoctions  of various herbs

It relieves constipation, kidney stones, backache, sciatica and other pains in the joints. Many other Vata disorders such as Arthritis, Rheumatism, Rout, Muscle spasms and Headaches may also be treated with Basti. 



Ayurveda enemas offer an effective, gentler alternative to cleanse the body from the toxins that cause health problems. It helps in clearing the lower part of the GI tract & is the best remedial solution for vata dosha complaints. Good for a wide range of health complaints.

The procedure is performed by experienced and qualified  Technicians in the guidance of Doctor. We control the quality of treatment and dosage to the best so that patients get maximum benbefit.

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