Lumbar Spondylosis

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Usually its also called lower back Pain.  In Ayurveda, Lumbar spondylosis is termed as “Kati shoola”.  It happens usually in the lumbar Vertebra area but some times radiated to the the tip of tail bone. The Pain can be continuous or can be in particular posture or particular movement

In Ayurveda this Pain is usually related to the Vata imbalance. The pain is usually caused due to Muscular Stiffness of Lower back. This Stiffness happens due to following reasons 

  1. Wrong Posture while sitting
  2. Gastric
  3. Over Stretching
  4. Heavy Weight Lifting

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Lower back Pain is mainly caused due to vitiation of Vata dosha and at Ayulife we bring back the equilibrium in Vata Dosha.

  1. Control Vata Dosha : Cleaning the stomach by Enema therapy. 
  2. Reduce Stiffness : Panchkarma Therapies like Potli Massage,  Kati Basti.
  3. Once the stiffness is controlled it increases blood circulation in the painful area and then with "Shaman Chikitsa" strengthen the bone.

"Excellent treatment. I got rid off from backache problem in 5 days. Excellent care by staff... magnificent guidance by Dr. Garg. Value for money to the full satisfaction. Nice treatment for back pain got relief from the chronic pain with Kati Basti in 1 month. " Ranjit - On Google Reviews


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