Lumbar Spondylosis

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The lower back, which starts below the ribcage, is called the lumbar region. Pain here can be intense and is one of the top causes of missed work. Typical Vertebra Numbers are L1, L2 , L3 , L4 and L5. 

The low back supports the weight of the upper body and provides mobility for  bending and twisting. . Nerves in the low back supply sensation and power the muscles in the pelvis, legs, and feet. Lumbar Spondylosis can be degenerative conditions affecting the discs, vertebral bodies, and associated joints of the lumbar vertebrae. Spondylosis is degenerative while Spondylitis is inflammatory .

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In Ayurveda, Lumbar spondylosis is termed as “Kati shoola”. It is mainly caused due to vitiation of Vata dosha and at Ayulife we bring back the equilibrium in Vata Dosha by various therapies.

Potli Massage and Kati Basti are the basic treatments to reduce the stiffness. Once the stiffness is controlled it increases blood circulation in the painful area.

Further. Cleaning of Stomach is also important which can be improved with Enema therapy. Oiling in the Naval and “Anuvasna Basti” are the other curing procedure which are given to patients of lumber.


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