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Dr Shallu Garg, BAMS,  MD(AM) She has rich experience of 25 years in Ayurveda &  Panchkarma. She & her staff (Doctors, Therapists) of Ayulife has treated Lakhs of patients within and outside India. Specialty :  

  • Chronic Pains :  Arthritis, Cervical, Sciatica, Muscle Pull, Rheumatoid, Gout, Migraine
  • Sports Injuries : Ankle/knee Sprain, Muscle Pull, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow
  • Corona Pandemic - Preventive and Operational Care through Ayurveda
  • Life Style Problems - Diabetics, Dry Eyes, Obesity, Gastric. Indigestion, Constipation
  • Childless Couples: Infertility For Males & Females.
  • Women Problems - PCOD, Mensural Problems, Skin Problems

AyuLife is rated as Best Ayurveda Clinic, by from last couple of years.


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Patient Reviews on Ayulife :

"Dr. Shallu's Ayulife clinic has been a life saver for me and my family. Her deep understanding of Ayurveda through which she approaches chronic and acute diseases is just mind blowing. My wife's 2 decade old terrible rheumatic condition and suffering has been taken care by her and staff in the most professional manner. 75-80% alleviation in unbearable symptoms in 8 weeks is just unbelievable for us. We are so grateful to Dr. Shalu, that it's hard to put into words. Even when we contracted covid-19 symptoms, she has been the person my family completely relied upon for health and recovery with complete faith. Dr. Shallu and her Ayulife clinic has always delivered beyond expectations. God bless her, her family, clinic and team for all that she does! " Ghosh Family on Google Reviews

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