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Cervical - Spondylitis

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Ayulife has specialty in treating the chronic pains, Our doctors are expert in diagnosis and treatment for any type of Pain by Ayurveda. Usually these Pains are caused due imbalance in Vata Dosha.

Cervical Pain (Ayurveda - Griva Sandhigata Vata)  is characterized by pain in the neck & head region and following are the typical symptoms of the Cervical :

  1. Restricted movement of Neck
  2. Pain in Shoulders
  3. Stiffness in Upper back.
  4. Stiffness of neck Muscles

This is caused due to few of factors like deposition of Toxins  or dehydration of vertebra gels which lead to disk prolapse. Few of the patients were recommended Surgeries but they saved their hard earned money and time when they came to Ayulife and started treatment. 

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Treatment procedure for Cervical:

To reduce the muscular stiffness first of all Pre-Panchkarma therapies like  Snehan & Swedan are given. These Oleation and heating therapies relax the stiffness in muscles. 

Once the stiffness reduces , the blood circulation in the affected areas increases and it leads to increased mobility.

Then, Podikizhi, Elakidhi Potli Massage are performed and further down the line Griva Basti and Lepam Treatments are performed. These therapies help in alleviating the pain and strengthening the bones in the painful area.

At Ayulife, our standard package of Cervical treatment consists of following :-

  1. Potli massage - 3 Sessions
  2. Griva Basti - 2 Sessions

Once the Pain is in control , to maintain the pain free state ,” Nidaan Parivarjan” is followed where in patients are requested to avoid the Pain causing effects like long hours on Computers, hard pillows etc. Encouraged to follow the regular Neck exercise etc.

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Griva Basti and Potli/Podikizhi Massage

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