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Cervical - Spondylitis

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It affects the joints and discs in our cervical spine i.e. seven bones of Vertebra (C1-C7 ) which come under the Neck. The pain in any of these C1 to C7 vertebra bones leads to problem of Cervical Spondylitis,or Neck Arthritis. The wear and tear in the Vertebra bones and protective cartilage in the neck leads to this painful condition.

a) Bones Overgrowth:

This overgrowth of bones press the delicate areas of spine such as spinal cord and nerves , which results in pain.

b) Gel Dehydration:

There is gel like liquid in between the spinal bones or disks. This jelly type material helps in absorbing the shocks. This removal of gel makes the spinal bones or vertebrates rub to gather and causes painful condition.



In Ayurveda its called Griva Sandhigata Vata . To reduce the muscular stiffness first of all Pre-Panchkarma therapies are given which consist of Snehan & Swedan.

Once the stiffness reduces , the blood circulation in the affected areas increases and it leads to increased mobility.

Podikizhi, Elakidhi Potli Massage are performed at the affected portion and further down the line Griva Basti and some Lepam Treatments are performed. These therapies help in alleviating the pain and strengthening the bones in the painful area.

Once the stiffness is in control , to maintain the pain free state ,” Nidaan Parivarjan” is followed where in patients are requested to avoid the Pain causing effects like long hours on Computers, hard pillows etc. causative. Encouraged to follow the regular Neck exercise and apply hot steamed towels on the affected portion.

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