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Arthritis - Knee Pain

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In Ayurveda Arthritis is  called “Amavat” as its caused due to deposition of  Toxins (Amas). These toxins develop in body due to poor digestion.

The toxins then circulate in the body through the blood and reach various parts of the body. The toxins get accumulated in the joints of the body and start creating problems. Deposition of toxins in joints lead to Arthritis which causes Joint Pains like Knee Pain, Neck Pain etc

 At Ayulife we treat all types of Arthritis like

  1. Degenerative Arthritis (Osteoarthritis) 
  2. Inflammatory Arthritis (Rheumatoid)
  3. Gout Arthritis

At Ayulife we have treated thousands of Patients of Arthritis, as its our specialty. Many patients have saved their lakhs of rupees which they were ready to spend on surgery. So book appointment today.


One of the basic method is removal of toxins from body. At Ayulife we offer both Preventive and Curing treatment of Arthritis.

Preventive Treatments means, by adapting Ayurveda, Arthritis can be avoided.  In preventive treatment at Ayulife we offer various Detoxification packages for different types of problems to keep you healthy.

In Curative Treatment, following combination of therapies is used to treat the Knee Pain.


  1. Muscular Stiffness : Reduce the Muscular stiffness and Increase the blood circulation in the joints.
  2. Muscle Strength : Strengthening the muscles with Shamana ( Medicines)
  3. Nidaan Parivarjan : Suggest changes in the lifestyle to  reduce the formation of Ama/Toxins.
  4. Shodhan Chikitsa : By  Panchkarma Therapies, we treat the Arthritis and following therapies are adapted  
  1. Potli Massage
  2. Janu Basti
  3. Pichhu
  4. Abhyangam
  5. Basti

To study more about Arthritis procedures in Ayulife  - Prese Here 


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