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Sinusitis in Ayurveda called "Pinas", a condition in which the Sinus inside the face gets blocked with mucus and results in inflammation.

According to Ayurveda, impaired kapha or water accumulates in the Sinus, which blocks the flow of air or imbalances the Pitta Dosha. Impaired Pitta Dosha is the cause of swelling and irritation of the sinus region.

At Ayulife, we have treated many serious patients of Sinus who were having regular problem from last 5 years. Many were recommended surgery by their doctors . 

Rhinitis is the other similar condition like Sinus in patients body views harmless airborne particles as a hazard and create allergy  due to weakening of the immune system of patient.



At Ayulife we follow the following procedures for Sinus Treatment:

  • Balance the Kapha Dosh 

Nasyam, Panchkarma Therapy  is one the best Ayurveda treatment for Sinus or Rhinitis condition. In Nasyam. medicated Oil is inserted in the nostrils.  This Oleation helps in reliving the  Sinus permanently.  Please note its important to perform this therapy in right weather.

At Ayulife, we have made a standard package of  five sessions of Nasyam. This therapy is to be done for minimum 5 Days for treatment of Sinus. 

Read more on Nasyam

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Each Session is of 30 minutes

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