Stomach Problems

As per Ayurveda, stomach is the main center to our health as metabolism is controlled through the Jathra Agni present in the stomach. Jathra Agnis is digestive fire which is responsible for the digestion and assimilation of the food. 

In case Jathragni is disturbed due to imbalance in Tridoshas, it becomes of 4 types and leads to various problems like 

  1. Acidity/Acid Reflux/GERD
  2. Gastric/ Bloating/ Burps/Flatulence
  3. Constipation and if lasts longer converts to piles
  4. Headaches  and Migraine.
  5. Increase of Toxins in body due to undigested food.
  6. Body Pains due to accumulation of Toxins.
  7. Arthritis, Cervical or other Joint Pains etc.  

Hence in Ayurveda, its mentioned if person's metabolism is healthy then overall he will be healthy. And this metabolism is controlled or directly related to jathra agni.

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