The bones and protective cartilage in the neck are prone to wear and tear that lead to cervical spondylosis & following are main causes

a) Overgrowth of Bones:

This overgrowth of bones press the delicate areas of spine such as spinal cord and nerves , which results in pain.

b) Spinal Disks – Gel Dehydration:

There is gel like liquid in between the spinal bones or disks. This jelly type material helps in absorbing the shocks. These shocks are caused due to lifting, twisting and other activities. This removal of gel makes the spinal bones or vertebrates rub to gather. This causes the Cervical pain.

In Ayurveda its called Griva Sandhigata Vata . To reduce the muscular stiffness first of all Pre-Panchkarma therapies are given which consist of Snehan & Swedna.

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