Kerala Body

Kerala Body Massage or Massage  is one of the most important therapy in Ayurveda. More commonly known as "Abhyangam". Its part of "Snehan-Kirya".

Basic Aim

The basic aim of Massage or "Snehanan" is to bring forth the vitiated doshas from their latent state and then prepare the body to eliminate them. Post Massage, its recommended to have Steam ("Swedan") in the steam chamber. 

New to Ayurveda Therapy

If you are new to Ayurveda or want to learn or start 1st time, then we recommend to get this combo procedure Massage + Steam or Snehan+Swedan done at Ayulife in any of the center and we assure that It will fully rejuvenate and relax your body.


This is also the 1st step of Detoxification or towards elimination of toxins from body. As per Ayurveda texts - This type of Snehan+Swedana karma is said to be the "Purvakarma of Shodhan".

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