Massages are the 1st step in Ayurveda Treatments and has very vital significance to the body. Massage is typically part of "PrePanchkarma" or referred as "Snehan". 

Types of Massage

  1. Fully Body Massage
  2. For particular portion of body 
  3. Depending upon the problem in the body
  4. Relaxation Massage
  5. Immunity Increasing massage

Difference in Ayulife Ayurveda Massage from Normal Spas 

Per Ayurveda These massages are performed in particular flow which improves  the circulation of oxygen in blood and also increases the  blood flow to muscles. This way brings lot of medical benefits.

Ayurveda Massage is not like Spa Massage but these are medically quite beneficial for the body. At Ayulife Trained and Experienced Kerala Therapists perform this massage and we guarantee you the best of the quality and the environment in our clinics for treatment or relaxation.

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