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I was feeling very lethargic for quite sometime and had some undefined pains, specially in the lower back. I went to Ayulife and discussed with Dr. Shallu. I decided to go for detoxification. Believe me, my body started feeling light just after two days of treatment and I felt rejuvenated at the end of it. The best part is Dr Shallu listens to you and discusses the line of treatment , nothing is forced but recommended with pros and cons.  Nidhi Gupta, Gurgaon

My Recommendations – The Ayurvedic massage experience was wonderful as it relived me of the severe pain. Hygienic surroundings & capable staff is a plus.. – Manish Bhatia, Gurgaon

Excellent services…I had severe neck pain for which took specialised massages.The masseurs are very thorough and professional. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for alternate therapy in the form of Ayurvedic massages/therapy !! Suma Nair

Nice clinic for ayurveda services; worth repeating – Praveen Kumar

My son , 6 year old was suffering from frequent issues of nose bleeding and once it happened in the school also which was quite sever and we discussed with Dr. Shallu Garg for Ayurveda treatment as other treatments had not proved effective. She treated my son for few days with Nasyam and Shirodhara and touch wood after there has been no incidence after that. Samita ,  Vatika City, Gurgaon 

I was suffering from Sinus for four years . Four months back , I contacted Shallu Garg, She gave me ayurvedic medicine. Now my sinus is under control and it has helped a lot. – Nem Kumar Jain, Meena Towers, Swastik Park, Chembur, Mumbai-71

I had lot of white patches on my body I had got treatment from many doctors but not of much help . Then I met with Dr. Shallu Garg and thought of starting treatment with intentions in mind that this is another trial. But soon after few days of treatment, the results started appearing.  then in two months almost 90% patches disappeared.- Prabhavati Sharma /Dehradun

A month ago, I had severe pain in my right knee and could not even bend it. Got many treatments even  MRI, but no use. Then got treatment from Dr Shallu Garg and with few Ayurvedic massages like Potli massage, I got lot releif and now can even bend my knee as well. V. Sethuraman – (46 Years), PalmBeach Road, Vashi , Navi Mumbai

In Gurgaon , this is real genuine Ayurveda center , I wish all the best for efforts of Doctor and his team for promoting Ancient therapy of Ayurveda” – Nirmla Jain

“I took remedy for a terribly bad throat infection from Dr. Garg and got cured in just 2 days…First time in life had adopted for Ayurveda treatment and found it quite effective….” – Rakesh , Noida

Health in Ayurveda means tha equilibrium of humors (dosha),tissues(dhaatu),the proper functioning of bio-fire (agni),timely elimination of metabolic wastes (mala)which determine the physical health and the happiness of the self,sense organs and mind together constitute the mental health Ayulife is good clinic. Ur welcom. –Byju , Delhi

“My daughter got treatment for hair fall from Ayulife and they gave unbelievable results. Thanx to Ayulife.” – Usha Jain / South End , Gurgaon

“Do visit this place for healthy body , mind n soul..” Vipul kakar , Sohna Road , Gurgaon

“A nice venture creating milestone in the field of Ayurveda.”  – Rajeev Dhawan

“I am from Arabic country and due to our food style we had lot of problem of white patches on the skin and luckily on our trip to Inia in Gurgaon we cam across Ayulife clinic and got treatment from Dr. Shallu Garg , it really reduced lot pf patches.” – Sanaa , Iraq

“I have been constantly suffering from cough and cold with change of season each time from last 10 years and took Nasyam treatment at Ayulife , it reduced this infection to lot. Thanks .. ” Paramjot , Park View-2, Sohna Road, Guragon

I was having severe knee pain and doctors advised me knee surgery but with the Ayurveda treatment like Potli massage and Pizichil , I got great relief in few weeks . – “Mydhili Moorthy, Andheri, Mumbai

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PS : The reviews are posted by individuals based on their personal experience and effect of Panchkarma treatments on them. Results may vary from person to person based on his/her body type and combination of doshas