World celebrating National Ayurveda Day on Dhanteras, Why ?

We express our greatest gratitude to Ministry of Ayush for commemorating Ayurveda by giving us National Ayurveda Day, on Dhanteras in the memory of (Father of Ayurveda/Avatar of Lord Vishnu).



Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali Celebration. It is connected with Lord Dhanvantri, who is     teacher and originator of Ayurveda and had led us to live healthy life with Ayurveda.

So far Dhanteras has been associated with buying of Jewellery and utensils only.  But with this National Ayurveda Day on same Occasion of Dhanteras, people will start caring about their health, which has been preached by Lord Dhanvantri.

This is forward looking step by Ayush Ministry as it will help people to take care of their health in more natural way. We all know Ayurveda is the therapy which cures the ailments with Natural herbs, Panchkarma Procedures & small changes in modern lifestyle and our food habits.

In India, the standards of healthcare are not as good as in developed countries we have high infant mortality rate and average lower life spans due to non-availability of medical services. Ayurveda’s focus on long-term well being is particularly important for vulnerable communities. In general, Ayurveda can play an effective complementary role to Allopathy’s emergency medical care system.

We are really thankful to Ayush Department as they are taking number of steps to promote Ayurveda by bringing Ayurveda IPD under Insurance schemes etc. But still we have lot of miles to go, to achieve global healthcare standards for which they need to setup more Ayurvedic hospitals even under various schemes like PPP model or financing schemes.