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Piles Treatment


“Patient had approached us with quite severe piles & not even able to sit properly. 2 surgeons told surgery. But patient approached us and started Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda medicines and 3 days Panchkarma treatment gave him good relief and in less than 20 days, patient was 90% fine. He got himself cross checked with surgeon. He was confirmed No hemorrhoids and renal spasm. Only small fissure is left.”   Hemorrhoids¬†means swollen veins found in and around the anus and…

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Diagnosis in Ayurveda


#Ayurveda does not follow the same algorithm as Modern Science for #diagnosis. Its diagnosis based on #Vata , #Pita and #Kapha is not to cure particular disease or ailment on one part of body but this therapy treats the whole body. Wonderful speech by #ShashiTharoor , emphasis that Ayurveda is independent therapy and cannot be measured based on the metrics set by #Allopathy. #Ayurveda & #Panchkarma therapy exists at its own and no need to balance against modern science.

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