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Weight Mgmt

Most of the Weight control methods,  give yo yo affect ie.  cyclical loss and gain of weight. But Ayurveda offers the holistic approach to weight-loss which is healthy and balanced rather than promising unrealistic results.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve struggled with your weight, how much you want to lose, how many times you’ve tried to shed those pesky extra pounds. The tenets of Ayurveda provide us with a simple approach to weight-loss that’s easy to follow, very doable, and incredibly effective. Along the way, you’ll also be reclaiming a vibrant sense of health and well-being—physically, mentally, and emotionally. So, if you’re willing to give an entirely different strategy a fair try, then prepare to usher in both a new relationship with your body, and an inspiring journey toward improved overall health. Welcome to the Ayurvedic approach to weight-loss. You can do this. In fact, you may find it enriching your life in ways that no other “diet” could

The Ayurvedic Perspective

According to Ayurveda, being overweight involves an inherent excess in kapha dosha. While kapha may not be the only factor at play in your struggle with excess weight, it is certainly an important player. One of the foundation principles of Ayurveda is that like increases like and that opposites balance. Kapha and excess weight share many of the same qualities; they are both heavy, slow, cool, oily, smooth, dense, soft, stable, and gross. Therefore, being overweight can provoke kapha in the body, and excess kapha in the body can lead to being overweight. Conversely, a return to balance requires an increase in opposing influences—those that are light, sharp, hot, dry, rough, liquid, mobile, and subtle.

The benefits of this approach are available to each of us, no matter how quickly (or slowly) we make the journey. What’s more, Ayurveda does not focus on short-term gains, only to fail us later, so you won’t need to starve yourself, or unrealistically limit the variety of foods that you can enjoy. Nor will you quickly lose a few pounds only to see them creep back on. Instead, you will be following a clear and time-tested path toward optimal health.

Piles Treatment:-

Hemorrhoids means swollen veins found in and around the anus and re



ctum. They can be either internal or external. Some symptoms of hemorrhoids (or piles) include:

  • intense itching around the anus
  • painful or itchy swelling or lump near your anus
  • painful bowel movements
  • bleeding from your anus during or after bowel movements
  • irritation and pain around the anus
  • leakage of stool

Most minor hemorrhoids can be treated with medication – SHAMANA CHIKTISA only. No other procedures are needed unless hemorrhoids are more severe. In worse cases, medicines may be used in addition to procedures.

Your dosha will factor into the medicinal remedies your ayurvedic practitioner chooses and any dietary or lifestyle changes they recommend you make in order to prevent recurrence. Some medicines may not be suitable for your dosha, so follow your practitioner’s guidance.

“Patient had approached us with quite severe piles & not even able to sit properly. 2 surgeons told surgery. But patient approached us and started Ayurveda treatment.

Ayurveda medicines and 3 days Panchkarma treatment gave him good relief and in less than 20 days, patient was 90% fine. He got himself cross checked with surgeon.

He was confirmed No hemorrhoids and renal spasm. Only small fissure is left.”

Udvartnam :-

Udvarthanam,  is specifically designed for weight loss and fat reduction. Also known as powder massage, this Ayurvedic Body scrub uses herbal powder to promote active blood flow, thereby revitalising and reconditioning the body.

Udvartana breaks down the cellulite under the skin. This  massage is done at various body positions by rubbing and massaging with pressure for a specific period. It reduces cellulite and excess fat accumulation under the subcutaneous tissues of the skin.



  1. Cellulite breakdown

    ayurveda Panchkarma based treatments

    Treatments of Ayurveda and Panchkarma

  2. Preventing loosening of skin under weight loss program
  3. After childbirth, if you are get some extra weight
  4. Muscular weakness
  5. Decrease mobility to joints due to excess KAPHA, AMA or rheumatoid arthritis.
  6. Removing dead cells from the skin and increasing glow of the skin
  7. Paralysis
  8. Sclerosis of blood vessels
  9. Sciatica of KAPHA origin







< PS : Results may vary from person to person based on his/her body type and combination of doshas >